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camilleroberta11   September 25, 2011   3 Comments on Hello all

Hello to all of our faithful viewers. Welcome to The Law, Your Money and YOU!  We are here to address legal issues, monetary situations and YOU on a personal level.

To find out more information about us, visit our past shows The Law, Your Money and YOU!

We are here to answer your questions, address your concerns and keep you up to date on recent changes in the law and your finances… From the homestead law and new probate laws to taxable estate and medicare issues, all the way to long term insurance and reverse mortgages. We have a lot to cover!

My name is Roberta Saphire, an attorney and my co-host is Camille Baron, a financial advisor, both of us being from the Boston/Providence area.

Roberta, Camille and guest on show

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