About Us

We are Attorney Roberta Saphire and financial organizer Camille Barron from the Boston, Massachusetts area. Throughout our careers we have assisted clients with legal, insurance, and financial issues. As producers and co-hosts of “The Law, Your Money and You,” we offer ourselves as a resource for the common legal and financial challenges most people face from time to time.  Since 2010, dozens of guest experts have offered insight to help viewers navigate the complex terrain of laws, insurance protection, financial practices and more.

On this website, you can find information about past episodes.  Expert guests address questions and issues submitted by our viewers, offering practical suggestions for you.  This is not advice, but useful tips the average person can understand and implement.  Whether you have a legal question, financial, or one relating to your insurance needs, this program will help you. All these subjects are intertwined. We will be embodying not only what you can do legally, but what you should do practically. Presented in practical, simple terms….with a touch of humor!