BEWARE: Snow and Ice Liability Issues

We all know we have had a lot of snow this week. With snow comes the dreadful duty of shoveling and salting. If one were to not clear out snow and ice, it could result in injuries to another.

Whose duty is it to clear out ice and snow? Is it the landlord’s or the tenant’s? For example, if one was living in an apartment and someone walking outside falls, is it the resident’s fault or the landlord’s fault for not shoveling? Maybe the person fell because of their own carelessness. Think about it. It’s a complicated topic as the law has recently changed concerning this matter. In one aspect, the residing citizen could be considered responsible because they are the ones who live there; hence, they should carry out their duty of cleaning the property around them, despite the fact that it’s not technically their property. On the other hand, the landlord could be considered responsible because he or she actually owns the building; consequently, they should be the ones that take care of the area around the building. There are always exceptions, but watch our episode on “The Law, Your Money, and You!” to see what our special guest Andy Nebenzahl has to say about this topic. What are your thoughts? Who do you think should be responsible? Think about it and leave a reply down below!

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