In the past, hearing-impaired children were unable to participate at the same educational level as their fully functioning peers.  Today, thanks to Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech, these children receive the listening and language skills they need to succeed.

Shown here are two of the students proudly standing beside the donation box at the Sharon Public Library.  The box is filled with hearing devices that are no longer used.  These devices are “recycled” and then provided to children like Ava and Cole.

Also shown are Barbara Hecht, Clarke School Director, with Roberta Saphire and Camille Barron, co-hosts of the cable TV series, “The Law, Your Money and You.”

The program is jointly sponsored by the Sharon Public Library and the show producers. It is an ongoing project, with donations of hearing devices being accepted at the Library.

Note the box was decorated by many of the students at the Clarke School.

Anyone interested in donating or setting up a box at their Library or business or volunteering in any way, please contact

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